Touching Base with our Therapy Matters' Community - CoVID 19 Update

Our latest statement providing advice on our health and safety policies as well as our new expanded service offerings from 23rd March, 2020 in the wake of hte Co-Vid 19 pandemic - providing flexible speech pathology services to ensure all members of our Therapy Matters' Community are able to receive continuity of service in these challenging times. 
You and your family’s well-being matters to us so we wanted to touch base with you as you navigate the growing challenges of the Co-Vid 19 pandemic. We have been thinking carefully about what life might look like heading forward for our clients.  Over the past week, we have been diligently putting together a plan of action that has us finding creative, family centred, responsible and responsive ways to continue to provide uninterrupted speech pathology services while also keeping everyone as safe as possible.

As an essential health service, we are still continuing to provide services at our clinic, in schools or in homes either as face-to-face sessions, telehealth sessions, with home programs or through a range of other new service offerings. As a family business of 25 years, connection and care means everything to us so we thank you for the ongoing trust your place in us … we’re here for you too. 

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