Our Staff Culture

Our Staff Culture

We are a versatile, innovative and experienced group of speech pathologists with a great willingness to work as a team and constantly learn from our clients, our therapy matters colleagues and the wider speech pathology community. Speech Pathologists with humility, integrity and exemplary clinical skills are always welcome to join our team particularly if they have good time and work management skills, a sense of humour, an ability to critically evaluate and question their own work practices and a commitment to life-long learning.

Job Satisfaction Matters

  • Meet the needs of a diverse paediatric caseload across speech, language, literacy and disability fields or specialise – your choice.
  • Be valued by your colleagues, clients, their parents and referral agents for your contributions.
  • Participate in our work-life balance initiatives.

Flexibility Matters

  • Have flexibility in days and hours worked.
  • Work full-time, part-time, school hours only, school terms only, after school or on Saturdays - employee choice rostering.
  • Work at our West Burleigh Clinic and/or in local schools.
  • Design the work around your family.

Support Matters

  • Have access to full admin and secretarial support.
  • Be provided with employer funding for professional development.
  • Work among an allied health team of a large group of experienced speech pathologists and a psychologist.
  • Work in a supportive, caring and stimulating workplace.
  • Have access to clinical support and mentoring from a senior speech pathologist and other Therapy Matter’s colleagues.

Remuneration Matters

  • Be engaged as an employee under the Health Professionals and Support Services Award.
  • Be paid the hourly rate under the award in addition to generous incentive bonuses.

Family Matters

  • Have access to our family/carer’s room when your children are sick or need to accompany you to the office.
  • Enjoy our breast feeding friendly workplace.
  • Utilise our range of family friendly workplace policies.

Resources Matters

  • Diverse range of formal and informal assessments.
  • Range of toys, therapy materials and photocopiable resources.
  • The latest technology and computer software.
  • Utilise the latest therapy resources through our Resources@Therapy Matters range.

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