Our Team

Our Speech Pathologists

Tania Teitzel - Senior Speech Pathologist & Centre Director B Sp Thy (Hons), MSPA, CPSP

Tania Teitzel established Therapy Matters in 1995 after having worked in the public sector, for Community Health and Disability agencies as well as at the University of Queensland, as a researcher, in the field of speech sound disorders and early literacy development. Tania has interests in the treatment of learning disabilities and complex communication disorders such as childhood apraxia of speech, autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities. She has done further training in PROMPT, Hanen ‘It Takes Two to Talk’, Hanen ‘More Than Words’, Hanen 'Talkability', Lidcombe Program, Key Word Signing, PODD, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and Thrass.  She has co-authored two publications: Preschool and Primary Inventory of Phonological Awareness (PIPA) and an Inclusion Resource Guide for Young Children with Disabilities.  Tania regularly presents workshops for parents, educators and colleagues. Tania is a trained Key Word Sign Presenter. Tania has presented at local, national and international conferences on speech sound disorders, language-literacy links and the inclusion of children with disabilities. Tania is a passionate and innovative speech pathologist keen to explore the latest resources and technological advances that help contribute to high quality speech pathology services. Tania sees clients at our West Burleigh clinic from Mondays to Fridays.

Storm Anderson - Speech Pathologist B Science (Human Communication Science) MSPA CPSP

Storm is a talented and innovative Speech Pathologist who comes to Therapy Matters after having dedicated her career to work within Community Health and Hospital settings. Storm has developed a strong skill set in these settings whilst working with a diverse caseload (both paediatric and adult) within the Primary Health setting (predominantly rural). Storm has worked both as a base grade Speech Pathologist and as a Senior Speech Pathologist in addition to work as a clinical educator mentoring student clinicans.  Storm constantly strives to enhance her existing skills through taking on new challenges and embracing evidence based practice.  Storm works at our Therapy Matters clinic on Fridays.

Christa Bewley - Speech Pathologist B Sp Path MSPA CPSP

Christa has had a variety of experiences working predominantly with young children aged 0 - 5 in early intervention settings across Victoria and New Zealand. Christa is committed to working in conjunction with other health care providers and providing a holistic approach to services.  She has experience in meeting the needs of children with generic speech and language difficulties as well as children with disabilities.  Christa has attended training in intervention approaches such as PECS, PROMPT, Thrass and the Lidcombe Program (for stuttering).  Christa is keen to bring her experience as a mother together with her expertise as a speech pathologist to help families understand how to support their child's skills in a practical and achievable way in the home environment. Christa is currently on leave until February, 2018.

Amanda Clancy - Speech Pathologist B Sp Thy MSPA CPSP

Amanda Clancy has over 25 years experience working with children in a diversity of environments including Education Departments (Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania), the Douglas Parker Rehabilitation Centre (Hobart) and many years within her own private practice in Melbourne.  She has undertaken further training in PROMPT, Hanen ‘It Takes Two to Talk’, Hanen ‘More than Words’ and the Lidcombe Program.  Amanda has worked together with a range of professionals throughout her career and through this experience she has developed the skills to treat a wide range of communication difficulties although her particular interests lie in working with preschool and school aged children presenting with language and literacy difficulties, children with speech delays/disorders and stutterers.  Amanda is a caring speech pathologist and she works diligently to build rapport with children, parents and teachers.  Amanda sees clients at our West Burleigh clinic on Wednesdays and Fridays

Jillian Craig - Speech Pathologist B Sp Path, MSPA, CPSP

Jillian Craig comes to our clinic with extensive experience in the field of paediatric (child) feeding difficulties as well as adult communication and swallowing difficulties having worked within hospital settings in Townsville, Perth, United Kingdom and the Gold Coast with many positions in a senior speech pathologist role. Jillian is committed to the clinical education and academic learning of future speech pathologists having worked as a lecturer and clinical educator at James Cook University and Griffith University (Gold Coast).  Jillian has a particular interest in the area of paediatric feeding having completed training in the Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to feeding difficulties (SOS). Jillian is excited about expanding the Feeding Clinic at Therapy Matters to meet the  needs of babies, toddlers and children as well as supporting the unique feeding needs of children with disabilities. Jillian is committed to working together with families in an understanding and collaborative manner. She is a caring, insightful and patient therapist who is very excited about returning to the creative and fun world of speech pathology intervention with children.  Jillian sees clients at our West Burleigh clinic on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

Shona Eagle - Speech Pathologist M Sp Path MSPA CPSP

Shona brings the latest knowledge, fresh approaches and the enthusiasm of a new graduate having commenced in the profession after a period of maternity leave. Shona is a thoughtful, insightful speech pathologist who is very familiar with the clients, staff and resources at Therapy Matters, having completed her final 7 week clinical placement at our clinic prior to graduating. Shona brings her experience and empathy as a new Mum to her role as a speech pathologist where she seeks to understand the child and their family, their strengths and challenges, the reality of their lives and how speech pathology could make a difference within those lives. Shona works at our West Burleigh clinic on Mondays and Thursdays and she visits clients at St Joseph's College and St James Primary School on Monday mornings fortnightly.   

Rachel Hull - Speech Pathologist M Sp Path MSPA CPSP

Rachel Hull has worked exclusively at Therapy Matters since graduating with a Masters degree from Grifiith University, where she was honoured to receive the prestigious Clinical Excellence award from the speech pathology faculty.  Rachel has had a diversity of experiences at Therapy Matters including in clinic services for toddlers to adolescents, school based services for children with speech, language and literacy difficulties and community based services for disadvantaged and vulnerable children in the Murwillumbah region. Rachel's previous career in the field of health promotion has reinforced her passion for early intervention and education of members of the community about communication difficulties and their impact.  Rachel is a caring, dedicated and diligent speech pathologist who is keen to work together with parents to meet the needs of children and adolescents with a diverse range of communication and learning difficulties. Rachel sees clients at our West Burleigh clinic on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, she visits St Anthony's Catholic Primary school fortnightly on a Wednesday and she provides our Therapy Connect Alliance service within the Murwillumbah Community on  Fridays.

Lauren Macintosh - Speech Pathologist B Sp Path MSPA CPSP

Lauren Macintosh comes to Therapy Matters from positions in the Disability Sector and a Private Practice in Sydney. She is particularly focussed on meeting the needs of children with disabilities and children with complex communication needs. Lauren is passionate about working with children, their families and community to provide holistic, client and family centred services.  She enjoys developing fun, creative therapy approaches that consider each child's unique strengths when working to achieve communication goals. Lauren is experienced in applying a wide range of therapy approaches and keeps up to date with the latest in innovation and research. She has completed further training in Hanen 'It Takes Two to Talk', PROMPT, PODD and Key Word Sign approaches. Lauren works at our clinic on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays as well as at Somerset College on Thursdays. 

Kate O'Leary - Speech Pathologist B Biomed Sc M Sp Path St

 Kate O'Leary is a caring, delightful and diligent speech pathologist who combines her work at Therapy Matters with a position at Griffith University as a Researcher, Clinical Educator and Clinical Facilitator educating the speech pathologists of the future. She is currently conducting research into how to optimise the literacy outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorders. Kate has had a distinguished career working in the private sector and working within a interdisciplinary team for the AEIOU Foundation for Children with Autism. Her work has seen her meet the needs of a broad population of children in the areas of speech, language, literacy and complex communication needs.  Kate has done additional training in the Picture Exchange Communciation system (PECS) and Auslan (Level 1). Kate currently works off-site at schools in the Northern Gold Coast Area including The Silkwood School on a Wednesday and at our West Burleigh clinic on a Friday.  

Martine Pearce - Speech Pathologist B Sp Path, MSPA CPSP

Martine is a dedicated, caring and empathetic therapist. Since re-entering the profession after an extended period of maternity leave, Martine has had a range of work experiences in private practice settings with adults and children.  At Therapy Matters, she works at our West Burleigh clinic as well as at local schools including the Silkwood School and Somerset College. Martine’s areas of interest lie in working with preschool and school aged children with speech, language and literacy difficulties.Martine is a kind and conscientious speech pathologist who enjoys tailoring each and every therapy session to help children learn to talk and talk to learn.   Martine sees clients at our West Burleigh clinic on Wednesdays.  She also sees students at Somerset College on Mondays and The Silkwood School on Thursdays.

Kelly Shaw - Speech Pathologist B Education M Sp Path MSPA

 Kelly is the newest member of our Speech Pathology team having recently graduated with a Masters degree from Griffith University. It gives us great pleasure to welcome Kelly to our clinic as she is in the unique position of completing her first and final clinical placement of her degree at Therapy Matters. As a result, Kelly is very familiar with our clients, staff and resources as well as the high standard expected within our team of clinicians.  Kelly is a vivacious, engaging, dynamic and highly organised clinician. She is fortunate to bring her newly developed speech pathology clinical reasoning skills together with her skills from a previous career as a Primary School Teacher and her perspective as a Mum to two children. Kelly will be commencing at our clinic in late October, 2017 where she will work at our West Burleigh clinic on Mondays and Thursdays and provide services to St Joseph's Primary School (Tweed) on Tuesdays, St Ambrose Primary School on Thursday mornings and St Anthony's Primary School as well as St James Primary School on Fridays (fortnightly).

Jacqui Sullivan - Speech Pathologist B Sp Path MSPA CPSP

With vast clinical experience working for Montrose Access and the Cerebral Palsy League as well as Education Queensland, Jacqui has treated a great variety of children with unique, complex communication and feeding needs across a range of disabilities.  Treating such specialised caseloads has led Jacqui to pursue a range of additional professional skills in Key Word Sign, augmentative and alternative communication (high and low tech options), PROMPT and DIR Floortime.  Jacqui’s specialty interest areas lie in early intervention with young children with disabilities, augmentative and alternative communication and motor speech disorders.  She is an understanding and supportive therapist who enjoys working together with children and their parents within a family-centred intervention approach. Jacqui is a trained Key Word Sign Presenter.  Jacqui is a strong advocate for creative solutions for children with disabilities that enable them to have a voice to communicate their needs, thoughts and feelings. Jacqui sees clients at our West Burleigh clinic on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. She also visits clients in their homes, early childhood settings, community centres and schools across the Tweed and Murwillumbah areas on Thursdays.

Our Psychologists and Our Keyworker

Rachel Fanning - Psychologist B Sc (Psychology)

Rachel has over 20 years experience in supporting children, adolescents and their families. She has previously worked in a range of hospital and community settings within mental health teams.  She has specialist skills in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  She is dedicated to individualising programs for families and promoting good family relationships and emotional well being. Rachel can help with difficulties in the areas of anxiety, phobias, bed wetting, bullying, sleep difficulties, anger management issues, ADD/ADHD, depression, fears, grief and loss, self esteem issues and behavioural difficulties. Rachel leases rooms at our West Burleigh Clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All visits are by appointment only and can be arranged by phoning Rachel directly on 0424944761 or contacting our clinic. 

Joanne Bacon - Key Worker, Project Officer and Social Skills Coach Dip Teaching (Primary)

Jo is a talented primary school teacher who has done additional training that has equipped her to run the social skills group programs and social coaching intervention at Therapy Matters. In 2015-2016, Jo successfully completed training with Noah's Ark Australia to become a Keyworker where she enjoys supporting children with disabilities in their home, community and educational settings to integrate the goals and strategies from the child's therapy service into their daily routines.  Jo has done both Basic and Advanced Key Word Sign courses.  Jo particularly enjoys supporting families in their parenting journey. As a Mum to five children (including triplets), Jo understand the demands on children and families today and is always happy to listen to parents and understand their challenges, struggles and triumphs. Jo works on Thursdays (fortnightly) and Fridays.

Our Office Staff

Tara Calderon - Receptionist & Accounts Manager B Arts (Leisure Studies), Grad Dip (Psychology) and Cert IV Bookkeeping

Tara is our hard-working, friendly and helpful receptionist who works on the desk Mondays and Tuesdays. On Thursdays and Fridays, Tara is our dedicated Accounts Manager. She supports our school based families as well as our HCWA, Better Start and NDIS families manage their accounts and payments. We are fortunate to have Tara bring her talents to Therapy Matters, having worked in a range of industries across Australia, Asia and the USA as a Dance Instructor, Office Manager, Operations Manager, Business Development Manager, Events Manager and Bookkeeper/Payroll Officer. Tara is a mother of two and she also understands the challenges of juggling family comittments. She is happy to help and assist families in whatever way possible.  

Colette Daly - Receptionist Hotel Management

Colette is the kind, caring and helpful receptionist that families will meet on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Colette comes to Therapy Matters after working extensively in Australia and New Zealand fulfilling roles in the Hospitality and Mining Sectors. Colette understands the joys and challenges of parenting and she is always welcoming of the big and little people that come to Therapy Matters seeking help. Colette has the lived experience of parenting a child with a disability who has complex communication needs. She looks forward to using that experience to support, understand and help the children and families that seek a service from Therapy Matters.

Leia Wilton - Receptionist/Allied Health Assistant B ManProfSt Cert IV AHA (Speech Pathology)

Leia Wilton is the newest member of our Therapy Matters team. She is the passionate and talkative Allied Health Assistant who helps our speech pathologists behind the scenes, preparing resources for the therapists to use in therapy and looking after our treasured toys so that they are organised, tidy and clean and ready for their most important job, engaging and motivating our clients in therapy. Leia also works on our reception desk on Wednesdays and fortnightly on Thursdays. Leia comes to our clinic having worked in a variety of roles as an administration officer, volunteer fire fighter, small business partner and cleaner. Leia has the lived experience of parenting a child with a disability and it is her experience of bring her own child to speech therapy that ignited her interest in communication disorders. Leia fostered this interest by recently, successfully completing studies to become an allied health assistant in speech pathology. Still seeking more knowledge ... Leia then enrolled in a Bachelor of Speech Pathology degree. She is excited to be already working in the "real world" where she can so readily apply what she is learning at university in order to become a qualified Speech Pathologist in the future. Leia works at Therapy Matters on Wednesdays and Thursdays.   

Our Vision

To be a leader and innovator for private speech pathology services within Australia.


Our Staff Culture

We are a versatile, innovative and experienced group of speech pathologists with a great willingness to work as a team and constantly learn from our clients, our therapy matters colleagues and the wider speech pathology community.


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