Therapy Connect in the 2484 Postcode:
Communities for Children Federal Government Initiative in Partnership with YWCA Australia

In 2006, Therapy Matters became involved in this Federal Government
Initiative (FaHCSIA) with Tweed Valley Early Childhood Intervention Service and YWCA NSW in a Ready for School Project. Our role in the project, together with Dr Karen Plant (Psychologist), was to build knowledge and skills in early childhood workers in the Murwillumbah area to successfully include and support children with disabilities in early childhood settings.

This project resulted in the production of an Inclusion Resource Guide and ongoing visits to centres to help early childhood workers meet the needs of children with disabilities and developmental delays in their care. This project has been highly valued by early childhood workers particularly because it involves the provision of consultancy services in children’s local, neighbourhood early childhood settings.

In 2015, Therapy Matters was successfully awarded a grant to become the new independent, Project Manager for this initiative. A name change to Therapy Connect, signalled the commencement of a broader project encompassing allied health assessment and short-term treatment services for children from disadvantaged and vulnerable families. If was the beginning of the partnership between our three clinics: Therapy Matters (speech pathology), Kids and Community (Occupational Therapy) and Dr Karen Plant (Psychology). 

Children from disadvantaged and vulnerable families who live in the 2484 Murwillumbah postcode (including Burringbar) or attend an early childhood centre or school (Kindergarten - Grade 2 students only) in the 2484 Murwillumbah postcode are welcome to be referred to our Therapy Connect service. This service is a free service provided under the Federal Governments Communities for Children Initiative for eligible families. Families will meet our Project Officer, Jo Bacon, who can refer to our team for psychology, speech pathology and/or occupational therapy assessments and short-term blocks of therapy services. 

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