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Therapy Matters (Speech Pathologists) 

Kids and Community (Occupational Therapists)

Dr Karen Plant (Psychologist)

With the rollout of the NDIS across Northern NSW and Southern QLD, our three clinics - Therapy Matters, Kids and Community and Dr Karen Plant formed a joint private venture in 2017 with the vision to provide a high quality, caring, professional, experienced, ethical and collaborative team based service for children with disabilities and their families across a more broader area extending from the Gold Coast, out to Mt Tambourine and down to Northern NSW encompassing the Tweed, Tweed Valley and Tweed Coast areas. 

Our Vision

To be the leading, trusted and respected collaborative therapy team on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW .

Our Mission

We are committed to the provision of the highest quality, collaborative  therapy services by dedicated, fulfilled, well-supported, knowledgeable and talented staff that value people with disabilities for their contributions to the community.


We build trusted relationships with children, families, colleagues and the community.

We provide long term, stable and  reliable therapy services in the local community.
We recruit high achieving clinicians  with exemplary clinical skills who are dedicated to ongoing professional development.  We support and mentor our staff to ensure continued provision of excellence.
We run ethical, financially viable businesses that value our staff and their well-being as employees.


We are dedicated to and motivated by the improvements and growth of our clients. We constantly strive for creative ways to make a difference in the lives of children. 

We love collaborating and learning from others.  We see our role in partnership with families.

We value the importance of   genuinely connecting with you and your child as well as all the members of your child’s team.

We love what we do and we are passionate in sharing it with our community.


We’re passionate about working together to better understand and support children and families from multiple perspectives. We can provide: 
  • Team Based Service Agreements & Goals
  • Regular Team Meetings
  • Integration of therapy strategies across all  disciplines
  • Team Assessment and/or Joint Therapy Sessions
  • Combined Group Programs
  • Team Progress Review Reports
Families are welcome to choose just one of our services or all of our services or combine our services with other services available in the community.


We’ve been working together as a team for over a decade now. Working collaboratively is something that is part of our essence as therapists. It is what we do on a daily basis … talking, planning, discussing and sharing to ensure that each and every child has the collaborative benefit of everyone’s wisdom.
We have staff meetings together regularly and can arrange joint therapy sessions. We bring the different perspectives of all of our disciplines together to ensure that we have the whole picture of your child and not just one narrow area of focus.

We save you time and paperwork. We share with each other so you don’t have to tell your story multiple times. We coordinate our services. Our therapists don’t compete for your services, we collaborate with you and work out what combination and intensity of services may be best for your child and family at any point in time. 

We run ethical, reliable businesses with long-term staff. We pay our staff as employees and provide them with extensive support and professional development. Our staff are talented clinicians,  happy, fulfilled and driven to be motivated by client change and growth. We love making a difference in children’s lives!


  • Contact any of our Therapy Connect Alliance clinics by phone or email.
  • Let us know at the time of referral that you require a team based service. 
  • We will fill out a Therapy Connect Alliance Referral form. 
  • We will have the other team members contact you to arrange services. There’s no need to contact each clinic directly.  
  • We can arrange joint service agreements and goals that reflect our commitment to collaboration and co-ordination of services.
  • We can arrange team meetings with you and your child’s educational setting so  everyone is working together.
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Kids & Community Occupational Therapy

Director: Charmaine Owen

Address: 1/22 Township Dr West Burleigh Q 4219

Phone: (07) 55206214

Mobile: 0411057587

Karen Plant Clinical Psychologist

Director: Dr Karen Plant

Address: 12/80-82 Keith Compton Dr, Tweed Heads NSW 2485

Phone: (07) 55368840

Mobile: 0438892157