Leia Wilton - Lead Therapy Assistant B ManProfSt Cert IV AHA (Speech Pathology) Speech Pathology Student (SCU - 4th Year)

Leia Wilton has the honour of being our very first Therapy Assistant. She is the passionate and talkative therapy assistant who helps our speech pathologists behind the scenes, preparing resources for the therapists to use in therapy and looking after our treasured toys so that they are organised, tidy and clean and ready for their most important job, engaging and motivating our clients in therapy. Leia also works under supervision from our therapists with children who have disabilities to support their current therapy activities and program in natural settings such as homes, early childhood settings or schools. In addition, Leia also works on our reception desk on Wednesdays and on Thursday afternoons. Leia comes to our clinic having worked in a variety of roles as an administration officer, volunteer fire fighter, small business partner and cleaner. Leia has the lived experience of parenting a child with a disability and it is her experience of bring her own child to speech therapy that ignited her interest in communication disorders. Leia fostered this interest by recently, successfully completing studies to become an allied health assistant in speech pathology. Still seeking more knowledge ... Leia then enrolled in a Bachelor of Speech Pathology degree which she is currently completing at Southern Cross University. She is excited to be already working in the "real world" where she can so readily apply what she is learning at university in order to become a qualified Speech Pathologist in the future. Leia works at Therapy Matters on Wednesdays and Thursdays.   

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