Fees & Rebates

Standard Fees Schedule

Effective: 3rd July, 2023. Contact our clinic for more information and our complete fee schedule*

Please note: Reports are included for all assessment sessions consistent with our high standards of clinical excellence. The most effective therapy outcomes are only achieved when we have a comprehensive foundational understanding of your child from the outset.

Initial Assessment (with report)

$480 – Preschool Children (standard report)

$585 – School Aged Children & NDIS Clients (comprehensive report)

Private Paying Clients


45 min standard therapy session = $160* *Indirect services billed separately

NDIS Clients


1.2 hour standard therapy session = $231.60* *Indirect services (up to 27min) included

What are Indirect Services?

We aim to achieve quality outcomes for your child not only in the therapy room, but in everyday life. Like an iceberg, excellent comprehensive care involves a portion of therapy ‘above the water’ that you can see, and a portion of therapy ‘below the water’ that you do not see. The less visible part of therapy that lies ‘below the surface’ are all other indirect (or non face-to-face) activities your therapist does behind the scenes.

This all takes time. Our team may take up to 30 minutes or more before, after and in between each therapy session to deliver a range of services for your child such as session preparation, research, resource preparation, bespoke activities design, case notes writing, data analysis, goals review, clinical review for quality outcomes, meetings and consultations with your child’s team, extended parent discussions/emails/calls and share notes if parent not present.

Our NDIS clients typically have large multidisciplinary teams and complex needs so require more comprehensive indirect services. Our NDIS fees include the cost of non face-to-face (indirect) services in every standard therapy session (up to 27 minutes) to support these regular complex needs for liaison, education, resourcing and research. Private clients typically have less complex needs and smaller teams although they too may require these indirect services occasionally to achieve goals. When needed and approved by the family, private clients would typically be billed separately for any occasional indirect services provided.

How do they help?

Payments Accepted

Electronic claiming for private health funds and Medicare rebates available.

All payments expected at the time of appointment unless approved by Director.



Credit Card

Direct Deposit


Our clinic does have a strict cancellation policy. Families will be charged a fee if they fail to give reasonable notice that they are unable to attend. Families with successive cancellations may have their scheduled appointment reallocated to another client on our wait list. This allows us to make alternative arrangements to help other children on our waitlist and it ensures that our therapists do not spend time preparing and planning for sessions that do not occur.

Thank you for contacting us by 12pm on the day before your appointment if your child is not able to attend. This will ensure that you will not be charged a cancellation fee.


Our clinic charges for time travelled per hour at your usual therapy rate and additionally for KM travelled at 96c/km to reimburse therapists for the use of their own motor vehicle in travelling.


NDIS Funding

The NDIS is Australia’s first National Scheme for people with disability. It provides funding directly to individuals.

The NDIS takes a lifetime approach, investing early in people with disability and children with developmental delay to improve their outcomes later in life.

  • Children with a disability (all ages) or a significant developmental delay (under 7 years) may be eligible for funding under the NDIS to cover the cost of private speech pathology.
  • Therapy Matters is a registered NDIS Provider. We can provide to all funding types for children over 7 years but only Plan and Self-Managed Clients under 7 years of age (Early Childhood Scheme)


Private Health and Medicare rebates typically cover only part of the full cost of a session. Therapy Matters does not Bulk Bill.

Parent must present all referral letters (Medicare) and Essential NDIS Plan documentation at the time of the appointment.

Private Health Fund Rebates

  • Families may be paid a rebate from their health fund if they have extras cover including speech pathology.
  • Electronic health claiming is available in clinic for most private health funds so parents need only pay the gap.

Medicare Rebates – Chronic Disease Management (CDM)

  • Children with chronic conditions and needing team care may be deemed eligible for this program by their local Doctor. A specific referral is required.
  • A rebate for only 5 sessions per calendar year is available.

Medicare Rebates – Follow up Speech Pathology Services for People of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Descent

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children may be deemed eligible for this program by their local Doctor
  • A rebate for a further 5 sessions per calendar year is available

Medicare Rebates – Children with a Disability

  • Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as children with other disabilities may be deemed eligible for this program by their local treating paediatrician/psychiatrist (ASD) or GP (Other disabilities).
  • A rebate for up to 4 assessment sessions and 20 treatment sessions is available (lifetime limit) although a new referral must be presented for each course of 10 treatment sessions.