Charitable Endeavours

Therapy Matters is proud to dedicate our philanthropic funds to our own Charity Matters fund which provides support for our current clients who may be experiencing significant personal or financial hardship (on application). Our team are also proud to work together on philanthropy through service initiatives. Let us know if you have a project that we could assist with. Sometimes it is the little things that make a difference too. Our team delights in our low-key Coffee Matters initiative which gives families a coffee voucher at times of need!

Awards for Clients

At the end of each year we also award trophies and medals to a number of our outstanding star clients:

Star of the Year – A medium to long term client, who has made great progress in their goals, has attended consistently, who has worked diligently and willingly or a client who has triumphed over adversity to achieve great progress.

Exceptional Attendance Award – A client who has attended regularly throughout the year always attends with a smile on their face ready to work and has worked solidly in each and every session.

Hard Worker Award – A client who is very diligent with their home practice and always tries of their best at each and every session.

WOW Award – A client who has dazzled their therapist with their improvements this year.

Look who’s talking – A client who has begun to talk in words this year after a lot of hard work from the child, their family and therapist.