Eleanor Sharp

Therapy Assistant

Speech Pathology Student (SCU 2021 – 2025)

Eleanor (Elle) is currently studying speech pathology at Southern Cross University. She has a sincere passion for empowering children to reach their potential. She is very excited to learn and make a difference in the real world while she completes her studies. Her strong belief in understanding and respecting the unique journey of each individual was a wonderful fit with the vision that we anchor our work in at Therapy Matters.

Elle will work at our Burleigh clinic behind the scenes to make sure all our resources and toys are in top shape condition. She will also be working with some of our clients under the supervision of a qualified therapist to support their communication goals at our clinic, in schools and in the community.

Elle has completed further training in:

  • Key Word Sign
  • Brick By Brick Facilitator Training


“I’ve chosen the humble cash register as my favourite toy! Children love learning through play that is meaningful to them and things that they see in everyday life. A game of pretend grocery shopping promotes wonderful open-ended play, with the potential to target vocabulary building, social skills, turn-taking, storytelling or even numeracy skills. I love giving children free reign to be the checkout attendant in charge and to set their own prices (even if a bottle of milk ends up costing $200!)”