Child & Family Keyworker

B Soc Sc (Psychology) ACWA

Jacinta comes to our team with almost two decades of experience as a caseworker working locally within many teams including Out of Home Care, Foster Care Support and Child Protection. Jacinta believes in a strong client-centred approach as it ensures that support, motivation and dignity-driven practice are at the forefront of her work. Jacinta leads by listening to the voices of children and families as a priority. Jacinta is passionate about ensuring better outcomes for children and families through building strong, respected partnerships and working collaboratively and diligently with community partners to ensure that the wider community are aware and responsive to the social and emotional well-being of all children.

Jacinta is looking forward to joining our Therapy Connect Team to work in a supportive, caring and compassionate way to ensure children grow, flourish and build strong family relationships in the Murwillumbah community.

Jacinta has completed further training in:

  • Child & Family Keyworker Course

  • Circle of Security (December)

Jacinta works at our Murwillumbah Clinic Mondays (fortnightly), Thursdays and Fridays together with our Therapy Connect Alliance Team.

What’s your favourite toy?

“UNO is a huge family favourite game in our house!

I grew up sitting around the fire and playing UNO with my parents and sibling and now it’s a game that I enjoy playing with my children. It can get competitive at times between the children and parents! We play the original rules of the game and I’m sure everyone around us knows when our family is playing UNO because the word must be loud and clear!

I love that it’s a game that evokes great conversation and tactics at times with great learning opportunities. When playing with younger children there is talk of colours and numbers and then with older children there is discussion how we can use strategy to win!

UNO is a great game for taking turns and celebrating other’s wins. It is a game that everyone loves and knows. You can never get sick of UNO.