Jordan Brinsley

Therapy Assistant

B Ed, Speech Pathology Student (SCU 2019 – 2023)

Jordan works with clients in their homes as a therapy assistant, diligently implementing the plans designed by the supervising speech pathologist. Jordan is an enthusiastic and engaging therapy assistant who delights in bringing wonder, fun and connection into each and every session.

Jordan has had a diversity of work experiences as well as a prior degree in primary education from Griffith University. Jordan has had experience working in schools as a casual teacher and as a Speech and Drama Educator. She also has a performing arts background which lead her to work for the Disney Company in Florida as a performer/educator and had her become an approved Lucasfilm’s Jedi!


    “Before beginning my speech pathology journey, I was very lucky to work for the Walt Disney Company and was able see firsthand the magic and the joy that Disney can bring. The joy and the fun I experienced from my time at Disney is the experience that I strive to give my clients during therapy.

    Safari Minnie Mouse is a wonderful toy to build social skills, encourage vocabulary building, and engage in pretend play. She is also a wonderful reminder that life is full of adventure!”