Kate Derbyshire

Client Care Coordinator

Legal Executive Certificate

Kate is a kind, friendly and helpful member of our client services team. She greets children and families Wednesdays to Friday at our reception desk. Kate also applies her amazing organisational talents to coordinate our group programs, teacher aide services, workshops and shop orders.

Kate comes to our clinic with a diversity of experience as a Receptionist, Service Manager, Personal Assistant and Business Owner in New Zealand, England and Australia. As a mother to two young boys, Kate loves to genuinely connect with children and their families while helping them to gain benefit from the diversity of services we offer at Therapy Matters.

    What’s your favourite toy?

    “My 5 year old son, has been coming to Therapy Matters for speech since 2018 and has a special affinity with Turtles. Turtles symbolise many wonderful things such as determination, understanding, ancient wisdom, emotional strength, patience, sanctuary, healing, tranquillity, and the list goes on! These two soft toys, Tilly and Tiny, have become part of our family over the last few years after being won at the carnival games at Sea World and the other being purchased through the Sea World ‘Adopt a Turtle’ program.

    With all the amazing symbolism mentioned above, it is easy to understand why my son, and many other people, feel a bond with these beautiful creatures. It was an easy choice for me to have these two special turtles as my favourite toy to share with everyone.”