Katie Nightingale

Speech Pathologist

M Sp Path, MSPA

Katie comes to us in 2022 as a new graduate speech pathologist following her successful completion of a Bachelor Speech Pathology Degree with Charles Stuart University. Katie is passionate about providing holistic, client centred care in a fun and strengths-based capacity. Katie is a Gold Coast local with a background in primary education and a history for the past decade of understanding and supporting children who have experienced trauma. Katie enjoys working with little ones of all ages and she is keen to explore a range of interest areas as she embarks on her speech pathology career.

Katie has completed further training in:

  • Sounds Write
  • Key Word Signing

Katie works at our West Burleigh Clinic on Mondays (fortnightly), Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (fortnightly). She also works at St Joseph’s South Murwillumbah and Mt St Patrick Primary on Tuesdays and The Silkwood School Fridays (fortnightly)

What’s your favourite toy?

“As an adult I always feel that hint of nostalgia popping open a tub of play dough and catching that familiar smell. Play dough is so versatile! One of the greatest things about it is that no one can tell you how to use it – it’s only limited by your imagination. It can be food, animals, shapes, people … the list goes on.”

In therapy sessions, play dough can become a sound target by rolling a snake, a language target by making balls of different sizes or working on sequences, or even a social target by eliciting requests, questions and cause and effect. Then there is always the fun, sensory component – squashing things is an absolute winner all round!“