Lara Campbell

Therapy Assistant

Speech Pathology Student (SCU 2021-2024)

Lara is currently studying speech pathology locally at Southern Cross University. She has experience providing private tutoring services to school aged students. She currently works under the supervision of our speech pathologists as a therapy assistant supporting children in their homes and helping our team with a range of administrative tasks and resource support.

Lara is a friendly, enthusiastic and dedicated assistant who is very excited to work with children and families in the everyday routines of their home and school.

Lara has completed additional training in:

  • Key Word Sign

  • Brick Club Training

  • Sounds Write


“My favourite toy is a doctor’s kit including a stethoscope because as a child, I Ioved dramatic play! Playing doctors was my absolute favourite. Dramatic play is an amazing way for children to use their imaginations, practise essential social skills and gain self-awareness. I am very passionate about play-based learning and aim to make it a central part of all sessions.”