Morgan Patterson

Speech Pathologist


Morgan is an empathetic, kind and collaborative speech pathologist. Morgan has had previous experience in the private sector within a multidisciplinary team where she saw clients at school and in the clinic across Northern NSW. This experience helped her to see the value in working collaboratively with the team that surrounds a child to understand the big picture of their lives and their family’s lives.

Morgan absolutely loves embracing client interests when she designs her therapy sessions so that intervention is fun, engaging and motivating. She is an attentive listener, calm and patient. She cares about the child and their family and strives to be a supportive advocate for their needs. Morgan enjoys working with children of all ages and in all areas of speech pathology practice.

Morgan became a qualified speech pathologist in 2021.

She has completed further training in:

  • Key Word Signing
  • Sounds Write


Morgan works in the ACE Program at the Imagine Early Learning Centre on Tuesdays, our Murwillumbah Clinic on Wednesdays and our West Burleigh Clinic on Thursdays and Fridays.

What’s your favourite toy?

After much consideration, I had to pick Mr Potato Head! Mr (and Mrs) Potato Head can be found in most toy stores and can be used to target a variety of speech and language goals such as pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and following instructions.

Kids have so much fun dressing them up, all the while learning words for body parts, colours, prepositions, jewellery and clothes. Most importantly, everyone enjoys making them look extra stylish, the more accessories the better!”