Rebecca Boyall

Speech Pathologist

BComms(MediaSt), M Sp Path, MSPA, CPSP

Rebecca (Bec) is a warm, friendly and insightful speech pathologist who has dedicated her career since graduation to support the wellbeing of children, young people and families who have experienced trauma.

Bec is eager to take the clinical and interpersonal skills gained from working with vulnerable families into her support and care for all families and clients at Therapy Matters. Bec is highly motivated to provide holistic, fun and engaging therapy to children with a diverse range of needs in speech, language, fluency, social communication and literacy difficulties, as well as children with disabilities.

Bec has completed further training in:

  • Sounds Write

  • Key Word Sign

  • Theraplay

Bec works at our West Burleigh Clinic on Thursdays and Fridays. She visits Pacific Hope Christian College weekly on a Friday morning.

What’s your favourite toy?

‘Spot it’ is one of my favourite games as it can be played super-speedy-fast, or really ‘turtle-like’ slow. It is a great ice-breaker game when I first meet an older child or teenager.

It can also be an exciting and flexible way to target therapy goals. It can be used to expand a child’s vocabulary, practise using describing words, discuss concepts like big/small and fast/slow, as well as exploring different categories of animals and their features.

‘Spot it’, just like many other games, is not only fun and colourful, but an entertaining way to help me learn about my client, and see them develop diverse skills.