Shona Eagle

Clinical Leader Speech Pathologist


Shona is a thoughtful, insightful speech pathologist who is the lead clinician in our feeding clinic at Therapy Matters. Shona brings her experience and empathy as a Mum to her role as a speech pathologist where she seeks to understand the child and their family, their strengths and challenges, the reality of their lives and how speech pathology could make a difference within those lives.

Shona is passionate about supporting new mothers and their babies in their feeding journey together as well as fussy eaters. Together with her feeding clients, Shona also meets the needs of a diverse range of preschool and school children with speech, language, social skills and literacy difficulties. For almost five years, Shona has worked exclusively at Therapy Matters since graduating.

Shona has completed further training in:

  • SOS Feeding Approach

  • Key Word Sign
  • Sounds Write
  • Talkabout Social Skills Program
  • MindWing Story Grammar Marker
  • Lidcombe

Shona is on Maternity Leave in 2022.

What’s your favourite toy?

“Books! The gift that really does keep on giving. A good quality book can last an entire childhood and is often requested to be read and read and reread over and over again. My own children never seem to get sick of their old favourites, one of which is the classic ‘The very cranky bear’. It’s amazing how they can retell the story almost word for word without even being able to read yet.

I love using books to connect and learn with my clients in sessions and I find that I use them for just about every goal including speech sounds, language concepts, listening skills, story-telling and even stuttering intervention. If families are time poor at home my number one recommendation is to never skip a book before bedtime!”