Sophie Slavin

Speech Pathologist

B Sp Path (Hons), MSPA, CPSP

Sophie is a kind, caring and diligent speech pathologist who enjoys meeting the needs of a preschool and school aged children with speech, language and literacy difficulties. She is a passionate life-long learner and has worked exclusively at Therapy Matters for 6 years since graduating.

Sophie’s approach to therapy has been greatly influenced by her Honours research involving interviews with mothers regarding early communication development and their experiences of working with healthcare professionals. These interviews informed Sophie’s approach as a clinician who works with families not for them and empowers clients and their families through quality, family-centred services.

Sophie is a diligent, talented clinician who also shares her wisdom with speech pathology students as a clinical educator at Southern Cross University.

Sophie became a qualified speech pathologist in 2018.

She has completed further training in:

  • Hanen “More Than Words”
  • Sounds Write
  • Key Word Sign
  • Talkabout Social Skills
  • MindWing Story Grammar Marker
  • Neurodiverse Affirming Approaches

Sophie works at our West Burleigh Clinic on Mondays, Somerset College on Tuesdays and Thursdays and The Southport School (Preparatory School) on Fridays.

What’s your favourite toy?

“Imaginative play is one of my favourite parts of my job when working with children. I love seeing my client’s personalities shine through during play, whether it’s a display of nurture and care for a sick teddy or a sense of adventure as they take on the role of a superhero! I can’t help but smile when I hear the creative narratives that accompany their play.

Playing doctors was one of my son’s favourite things to do when he was little and role playing with him opened my eyes to how many different skills children can learn through play. I also bought along my daughter’s favourite bunny simply because I thought bunny need a break from all her tight squeezes.

The most amazing part of my job is that I could hand a stethoscope and a teddy to each of my clients but none of them will ever play with them in the same way or tell the same story because every child is so unique and different!”