Why Us?

Making a difference

We are renown for a thorough assessment as a foundation for all our services. You’ll get the answers you need to really understand your child’s problems and how they can be helped. We know how to make a difference achieving meaningful goals, making progress and getting results. That’s how we ensure your child thrives in a happy, connected and communicative life. If we need help, we reach out to a range of other professionals in the community with whom we have long-term, respected connections.

Dedicated to speech pathology excellence


You can trust our team to know what to do. We’ve been dedicated to speech pathology excellence for over 25 years. We have over 150 years of collective wisdom in our current team which means you’ll be able to find a speech pathologist with the expertise that you need. We recruit talented speech pathologists mentored by clinical leaders with extensive experience together with abundant contemporary training.



Our clinics are welcoming, friendly, inclusive and fun. Children love visiting our spacious, interactive waiting rooms, 11 inviting therapy rooms and two group room across both our clinics. Some of our team have the lived experience of attending speech therapy or having a family member with a disability. We truly understand what you might be going through. Our client services team genuinely cares about you too and what is happening in your life. They’ll keep you in the loop with friendly reminders and messages.

Trusted for 25+ years


You can trust us to be strong advocates for people with disabilities and their valued contribution to our community. Our therapy rooms are each named after an inspirational person with a disability and we celebrate the talents of young Australian artists with disabilities with works in our Art Gallery.

We are committed to being an inclusive and diverse employer.

Tailored to the child & family


We anchor all our sessions in play, fun and connection. We believe that’s how all children learn best. We find out your child’s interests so we can uniquely customise each session. The best outcomes, however, come when we truly partner with you as the most important person in your child’s life. We listen to you and take the time to get things right, to match your child and family to the right service and right therapist.



We acknowledge that as parents you know your child best. We understand that families are busy and seek practical, everyday strategies and flexible services. We offer individual, school, community, telehealth or group therapy. We know that parents want to learn too so for over a decade we’ve run Hanen groups for parents of young children with autism. We are also proud to be licensed providers for the KWSA endorsed Key Word Sign Basic Workshops – inspiring all members of the community to give people a say in life through sign.