3.30 – 4.30pm      
7-8 years 


This school term group is for children aged 7-8 years with social communication support needs who have experience with brick building and are just getting started in our Brick Club group programs. It uses children’s interest and motivation for bricks to help them develop skills like turn-taking, sharing, listening, conversation skills, teamwork, shared attention, perspective taking, negotiation and problem-solving. It helps them build friendships and connections with other peers who share their passion and interest in bricks.

Who is Brick Building therapy useful for?

Brick building therapy is for neurodivergent children who might have an autism, pragmatic language difficulties, ADHD, developmental language disorders and anxiety. When forming the groups we aim to match children by age and skill levels. If your child loves playing with bricks and you feel they would benefit from social communication support in a structured group setting or an opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, then this could be ideal!

What skills does Brick Building therapy focus on?

Children have to communicate and follow social rules to complete the build. Each activity requires verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, collaboration, perspective-taking, negotiation, joint problem solving, joint creativity and joint attention to the task. It is also a lot of fun!

What does Brick Building therapy involve?

In each session, the children work together to build a model following instructions. The group focus is on collaborative building projects to prompt interaction among the children and help them come up with their own solutions. The speech pathologist acts as the facilitator who divides up the tasks within each group so that each student has a specific, clearly defined yet interactive role to perform. Children are required to work well together to achieve the end goal – the final model!

What’s next?

Contact us now to register your interest in the next available group or future groups.

If places are available, contact us to register your child’s details. We take a deposit for your child’s first session. If you are new to Therapy Matters or new to our Brick Club Groups, you will need to attend a Fitting Session first. Priority for group placement given to current Therapy Matters clients.