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Introducing COINS : COnnected INterested Social experiences

Social Experience opportunities for children that has them …

Connected and Interested with like-minded peers.


At the base of all friendships and connections in shared interests. Shared interests can transcend ages and geographical boundaries, often over time. Friendship and connections start with common interests and peers who might share your perspective and way of looking at the world.

For many neurodivergent children, children with disabilities and communication difficulties, we spend so much time investing in weaknesses and not enough time embracing their strengths and fostering their interests. To truly embrace neurodiversity-affirming approaches, there needs to intrinsically be a focus on strengths, interests and genuine friendships with like-minded peers, embracing authentic social communication styles, rather than a focus on fixing social problems to align with neurotypical standards through teaching masking or social skills training which can be exhausting and unsustainable.

At Therapy Matters we are interested in doing social communication differently, by building social friendship wealth through our new COINS program.

For children who communicate and socialise differently, it can be difficult to find others to be part of your tribe. You might need some help finding others when your interests are different to the majority or neurotypical people or when you have support needs in environments that aren’t safe or supportive for you. There might be a lack of opportunity in social experiences with others. Play-dates and birthday invitations may not always be forthcoming. Parents too might be stressed and overwhelmed with the busy pace of life and not able to have the resources to build connections with other families.

Our COINS program is not just for children with differences and difficulties. Parents, siblings and neurotypical children might also gain benefit from our crafted social experiences, connecting people together. This program helps everyone understand the diversity and differences in others. Parents and siblings may enjoy meeting up with others who share their lived experiences. Many neurotypical children who have not had the experience of what it is to be different may benefit from social experiences to develop their perspective, empathy, and understanding to grow into compassionate adults who embrace diversity. Children who have opportunities for genuine friendships with children with disabilities in inclusive settings grow to be more appreciative of differences and are known to develop positive self-images, problem-solving skills and respect for others.


Fill in our COINS sorting form and our therapists will match you up!

We will want to know as much about your child as possible with a particular focus on their strengths, interests and the places that they like to go. It helps to know a little about you and your family too and what you might hope to gain from a COINS match up.

Your child might be a passionate dinosaur fan, a flags of the world aficionado, a Pokemon lover or a walking encyclopedia on all things Star Wars. Your child might love visiting their local pet shop, op shop, coffee shop or playground. Perhaps there’s a safe space online where they hang out too like in Minecraft or your child might be a homebody and love the idea of a play-date on their own turf. Whether it is just an introduction, a facilitated meet-up, ongoing pair or small group experiences or a facilitated transition to a home or community experience – you can count on COINS!

Our speech pathologists and/or therapy assistants look forward to building your child’s social friendship wealth and well-being.


  • For everyone. All ages.
  • Neurodivergent children
  • Autistic children
  • ADHD children
  • Children with disabilities
  • Children with speech and language difficulties
  • Siblings
  • Neurotypical children
  • Children looking at building their confidence and new friendships
  • Children who would benefit from becoming compassionate, understanding humans
  • Parents too!

While Therapy Matters clients, siblings and parents will be given priority of entry into this program, we welcome expressions of interest from all members of the community.