School Holidays
Monday 8th April
 8+ years (Senior)

This school holiday group is for children aged 8+ who want to build friendship skills with like-minded peers hang out with trays of Lego, build creatively and connect with others.

This extended time group is designed for unstructured play and building experiences. It provides a less formal and flexible learning environment for Brick Club participants who have formally worked in groups during the term time. It supports children to apply their newly learnt teamwork and communication skills to interactions with a greater variety of peers and learn from their creative ideas.

This Hangout is anchored within the principles of Neurodiversity Affirming Practice.


What’s next?

Contact us now to register your interest for the next available group or for future groups.

If places are available, contact us to register your child’s details. We take a deposit for your child’s first session. If you are new to Therapy Matters or new to our Lego Based Groups, you will need to attend a Lego Fitting Session first. Priority for group placement given to current Therapy Matters clients.