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Did you know speech pathologists do more than just help with speech?

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Does my child need to see a speech pathologist?

It’s never too early to ask a question or seek advice. Feel free to phone us to discuss your concerns. We will be happy to provide obligation free advice about whether speech pathology is needed.

We encourage parents to see us as early as possible and not wait until a child transitions to school. Starting school is a very exciting and demanding time for you and your child. When children start school they are exposed to lots of new words and instructions. If your child is having difficulties with talking or understanding before they start school, it is likely that they will continue to have difficulties in school. If your child is having difficulty with their talking or understanding skills, we want them to have as much support as possible before starting school so they are in the best position possible to help their learning.

As a general rule, speech pathology may be beneficial if:

  • you or others have difficulty understanding your child’s speech
  • your child has difficulty following instructions or understanding what is being said
  • your child’s vocabulary and/or ability to form sentences and tell stories is not as great as other children of the same age
  • your child stutters
  • your child speaks with a loud, soft, harsh or unusual voice quality
  • your child is not keeping up with school-work or struggles with reading and spelling skills
  • your child has difficulty communicating appropriately in social settings
  • your child has any feeding difficulties

Anyone can refer for speech pathology. You will only need a doctor’s referral if you are planning to claim a rebate through Medicare. We find it helpful to receive letters from your school or other therapist’s explaining any reasons for their recommendation of a speech pathology assessment.

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