Story Grammar Marker® Kit


The Story Grammar Marker® Kit uses manipulative tools and resources for narrative development to help students in grades two through six develop reading, writing and speaking skills vital for academic and social success.

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  • Works with any existing program or reading series.
  • Icon-based developmental writing maps that connect language to literacy.
  • Fosters modelling and guided practice.
  • Helps students to internalize, talk about, and write abstract narrative structures developmentally.
  • Organizes classroom and small group discussions.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Story Grammar Marker® Teachers’ Manual
  • Teacher Manipulative
  • Student Manipulatives
  • Stories for Teaching and Modelling (Set of 5 Stories)
  • SGM® Mini Magnets for Narrative/Expository Intervention
  • 1 Fun-Pack Card Deck
  • 1 Universal Magnet Set
  • 1 Complete Episode Poster
  • 1 Critical Thinking Triangle® Poster
  • 1 Classroom Pragmatics Poster
  • 1 Feelings Poster
  • 1 SGM® Episode Organizer Poster
  • 1 Complete Episode Mini-Poster
  • 1 Critical Thinking Triangle® Mini-Poster
  • 1 Classroom Pragmatics Mini-Poster
  • 1 Feelings Mini-Poster
  • 1 SGM® Episode Organizer Mini-Poster
  • Website link to downloadable PDFs of all manual-included maps and forms
  • FREE digital SGM Icons Set

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