The Autism Collection for Social Communication


MindWing’s Autism Collection for Social Communication supports Story-Based (narrative) Intervention for children with social learning challenges. The “narrative” is the human mode of thought and is an integral part of social communication; how we share our ideas, plans, dreams, memories & beliefs in social interaction in school and in life. Using Story Grammar Marker® methodology, this Collection helps children:

  • tell their “story”
  • take perspective, develop Theory of Mind
  • become critical thinkers
  • build Central Coherence
  • solve problems
  • initiate & repair conversation to establish relationships
  • recognise feelings through verbal and nonverbal cues
  • infer, plan and write with cohesion
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The Autism Collection for Social Communication is appropriate for 1st grade–early high school for those children with Developmental Language Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Social Learning Challenges in therapy, classroom and/or clinical settings. This series relates how to use Story Grammar Marker® methodology to help children develop social communication with the goal of facilitating relationships at school, during academic activities, and at home. Specially designed materials are included for developing the understanding of narrative structure, Critical Thinking Triangle®, and pragmatics.

  • Six-Second Stories™ for beginning conversations
  • Easy easel format for direct student instruction
  • Includes tools and games to engage parents


The Collection includes:

  • 3 wire-bound publications (It’s All About the Story!Making Connections!, and Facilitating Relationships!), 400 total pages packed with research-based, engaging activities, games & lessons for using Story Grammar Marker®, children’s literature lessons
  • 1 Game & Activity Set that includes:
    • 2 Board Games: Select! Reflect! Collect! and MarkerLand
    • 1 FunPack™ Playing Cards (standard 54-card deck with MindWing’s icons)
    • 1 Icon STAMPede™ Rubber Stamp Set
    • 1 Student Story Grammar Marker®
  • SquiGuMs Two-in-One Wristbands
  • Website link to free, downloadable PDFs of all manual-included maps and forms

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