Mondays F/N
3.30 – 4.30
 5-10 years


This NEW group uses the SEA Bridge (Social Emotional Acquity) Curriculum as a guide. The SEA Bridge Club is a neurodiverse affirming, strength based group guiding neurodivergent children to celebrate authentic ways of being. With curriculum topics like authentic social connection, embodied emotions, supportive friends and allies, and self-advocacy

For Neurodivergent children with all different kinds of brains learning how to be together with others while still being me. Building teamwork and friendship building opportunities with like-minded matched peers.

What’s next?

Contact us now to register your interest for the next available group or for future groups.

If places are available, contact us to register your child’s details. We take a deposit for your child’s first session. If you are new to Therapy Matters or new to our Groups, you will need to attend a Fitting Session first. Priority for group placement given to current Therapy Matters clients.