Therapy Assistants

What do therapy assistants do?

Our therapy assistants work under the guidance of a qualified therapist to help achieve your child’s goals… in the home, at school, in groups or in the community. Some children need more opportunities for practice, in more places. That’s where therapy assistants come in. Providing extra sessions in the week to reinforce what has been learnt. Providing opportunities to use communication tools (e.g. AAC) and skills in everyday, naturalistic settings. Therapy Assistants are employed and work under the supervision of a qualified therapist.

Assistants can help stretch a therapy budget further. They often have greater flexibility to fit into a family’s life. When assistants help out this can often lighten the load for parents. Our assistants are typically university students studying speech pathology. Their assistant work helps contribute to a future workforce passionate about supporting people with communication needs.

How do therapy assistants work?

Your child’s speech pathologist will develop a therapy assistant plan based on current goals. The plan will be uniquely designed for each therapy assistant’s skill set following training and ongoing supervision. We take the time to make sure we carefully match our therapy assistants to each child and family with the tools that they need.

The service often starts with direct supervision with the therapist, therapy assistant and child working together. As the child and therapy assistant become more confident, the therapist will indirectly supervise the assistant by sharing photos, videos, notes and discussions after each session to closely monitor progress against goals.

We take pride in our high quality, ethical and carefully monitored therapy assistant services so that they make a difference in the lives of the children, their families and our therapy assistants.

What does it cost?

Therapy assistants are typically funded under capacity building supports on the NDIS.

Our therapy assistants are billed at Level 2 NDIS rates for: direct services, travel time, planning time with the supervising therapist and non face-to-face time to write notes to the supervising therapist after each session.

We also bill for speech pathologist’s time to do any direct supervision and to explain the therapy plan to the therapy assistant.

Contact our clinic if you would like to arrange a therapy assistant service for your child.