In 2009 our speech pathologists were searching for innovative intervention approaches in story-telling skills for our clients with language difficulties and we came across MindWing Concepts’ products. We loved them so much, we became an Australian distributor. Now, over a decade later, we are proud to have put these tools in the hands of speech pathologists, teachers, parents and children… making a difference helping children think, communicate, socialise, learn, read, write and imagine through story-telling.

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Why MindWing Concepts?

MindWing Concepts are hands-on tools with patented icons that help put research and theory into practice in the classroom and in therapy. The materials are colourful, dynamic and child-friendly. They closely link language development to literacy. They are fun, easy to use. The icon system creates a platform for learning the narrative structure of a story.

These tools reduce the load on working memory by outsourcing the structure of the story, freeing the child to use the patented icons to “mark”—and keep track of—the events unfolding in a story in an organised way for themselves, and for others to understand. There are also other tools that build upon this and link into expository text and social conversation.

Professionals use these products due to their wide appeal, ease and versatility across multiple grade and ability levels. Parents find the tools simple and easy to use. Kids love the tools because they make sense and can be held, manipulated and easily referenced. The MindWing Concepts’ icons redefine and expand the traditional story sequencing of beginning-middle-end by providing easy to use, easy to remember icons that help parents and educators facilitate the oral and written language development of students wherever they need.