In 2009 our speech pathologists were searching for innovative intervention approaches in story-telling skills for our clients with language difficulties and we came across MindWing Concepts’ products. We loved them so much, we became an Australian distributor. Now, over a decade later, we are proud to have put these tools in the hands of speech pathologists, teachers, parents and children… making a difference helping children think, communicate, socialise, learn, read, write and imagine through story-telling.

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  • The Student Story Grammar Marker® is a 20 cm icon-based manipulative for use with students in first through sixth grade. It is designed to provide students with a hands-on approach to narrative language development as they connect language to literacy.
  • The Teacher Story Grammar Marker® is a 61cm removable icon-based manipulative. The marker is designed to assist education professionals in the instruction of narrative development to their students.
  • SGM® Mini Magnets are NEW and Improved! This manipulative tool, based on the Story Grammar Marker®, now has magnetic icons for both narrative and expository intervention. This new version includes all of the SGM® Icons for narrative as well as 14 new magnets for expository text. In addition, it includes a second “character icon” for perspective taking and an “obstacle” bead magnet for embedded episodes in the narrative. The Mini Magnets can be used in therapy, classroom centres, small groups, and for individual students to assist them in re-telling, telling and writing stories as well as for comprehension, perspective-taking and social problem-solving.
  • The Story Grammar Marker® optimises the development of student skills in perspective taking, critical thinking, and problem solving. This visual, kinaesthetic tool incorporates MindWing’s patented icons facilitating growth of higher order thinking skills. Give students a common language to answer the how and why of characters and interactions which are so essential to the development of social thinking. If you are looking for a comprehensive, versatile classroom tool for oral language, comprehension, and writing, the SGM® is for you.
    • Clear, concise explanation of SGM® iconic structure
    • Oral and Written Goals and Benchmarks for easy implementation
    • Extensive bibliography of children’s literature to enhance instruction
  • The Story Grammar Marker® Kit uses manipulative tools and resources for narrative development to help students in grades two through six develop reading, writing and speaking skills vital for academic and social success.
  • Braidy the StoryBraid® Doll is a motivating, hands-on tool that appeals to early childhood education students. The iconic structure of Braidy® scaffolds narrative and oral storytelling following the developmental sequence of language acquisition. Targeted lessons foster meaningful conversation skills, problem-solving, and comprehension for your youngest students! A must-have for early childhood educators!
    • Engaging
    • Ideal for early intervention
    • Explicit lessons includedin the manual (not included) to get you started!
    • See Other Braidy®Products
  • MindWing’s Autism Collection for Social Communication supports Story-Based (narrative) Intervention for children with social learning challenges. The “narrative” is the human mode of thought and is an integral part of social communication; how we share our ideas, plans, dreams, memories & beliefs in social interaction in school and in life. Using Story Grammar Marker® methodology, this Collection helps children:
    • tell their “story”
    • take perspective, develop Theory of Mind
    • become critical thinkers
    • build Central Coherence
    • solve problems
    • initiate & repair conversation to establish relationships
    • recognise feelings through verbal and nonverbal cues
    • infer, plan and write with cohesion
  • New and Improved includes SGM® Thinking Bubble, a purple stamp pad in a handy case. 9 wood-mounted, rubber stamps of the patented icons of the Story Grammar Marker®. Using MindWing’s Icon STAMPede! students can...
    • Revise and edit their writing
    • Make individual bookmarks
    • Create custom worksheets
    • Use stamps in Writing Work Stations
    • Stamp icons in journals as part of students’ responses
    • Customize a writing conference
    • Model revision for the class
    • Colour in the icons in art and writing projects
  • MindWing’s Universal Magnet Set is a 33-piece set of large, colourful magnets depicting MindWing’s patented icons. They can be used with both narrative and expository text instruction and intervention.
  • The Autism series relates how to use Story Grammar Marker® methodology to help children develop social communication with the goal of facilitating relationships at school, during academic activities, and at home. Specially designed materials are included for developing the understanding of narrative structure, Critical Thinking Triangle®, and pragmatics. Books may be purchased individually or as a 3-book set, or with included games and activities in The Autism Collection. All three volumes are packed with our research-based methodology and engaging activities & lessons for using Story Grammar Marker® methodology and NEW strategies to help children with Social Learning Challenges to work on skills such as:
    • The personal narrative
    • Verbal organization
    • Writing with cohesion
    • Perspective taking
    • Theory of Mind
    • Critical Thinking
    • Character and personal motivations, feelings and plans
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Central Coherence
    • Conversation initiation and repair
    • Inference
    • Problem Solving
    • Cause/Effect
    • Blending SGM® with Social Thinking® methodologies
    Kit items can be purchased separately by downloading our order form.
  • Braidy the StoryBraid® Teachers’ Manual is a resource for education professionals to introduce narrative development to preschool through second grade students. Braidy the StoryBraid® Doll is a motivating hands-on tool that appeals to early childhood education students. The iconic structure of Braidy scaffolds narrative and oral story telling following the developmental sequence of language acquisition. Targeted lessons foster meaningful conversation skills, problem solving, and comprehension for your youngest students!  A must-have for early childhood educators!
    • Engaging
    • Ideal for early intervention
    • Explicit lessons included in manual to get you started!
  • Braidy, the StoryBraid® Kit is an exciting and creative way to introduce and target instruction using the patented narrative icons of the original Story Grammar Marker®. The kit is a hands-on approach for preschool to grade 2 students to foster oral language skills for young children in talk, listening/reading, comprehension, writing/drawing and play.  

Why MindWing Concepts?

MindWing Concepts are hands-on tools with patented icons that help put research and theory into practice in the classroom and in therapy. The materials are colourful, dynamic and child-friendly. They closely link language development to literacy. They are fun, easy to use. The icon system creates a platform for learning the narrative structure of a story.

These tools reduce the load on working memory by outsourcing the structure of the story, freeing the child to use the patented icons to “mark”—and keep track of—the events unfolding in a story in an organised way for themselves, and for others to understand. There are also other tools that build upon this and link into expository text and social conversation.

Professionals use these products due to their wide appeal, ease and versatility across multiple grade and ability levels. Parents find the tools simple and easy to use. Kids love the tools because they make sense and can be held, manipulated and easily referenced. The MindWing Concepts’ icons redefine and expand the traditional story sequencing of beginning-middle-end by providing easy to use, easy to remember icons that help parents and educators facilitate the oral and written language development of students wherever they need.



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